Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Spice Honeycrisp Appletini

I am in love with all things honeycrisp right now...and although my favorite way to eat them is to simply take a big bite, I find uses for them in almost every sort of dish.  This includes beverages!  Today when I was at work, and just feeling tired and wanting it to be 4 o'clock so I could go home, I was thinking a cocktail might be fabulous this afternoon.  I am usually just a classic dirty martini girl, not going for the sweet drinks, but an idea popped into my head to make a Honeycrisp appletini!  Probably because I was also imagining how nice it would be to enjoy a nice honeycrisp apple, as I was also hungry at the time.  I am really not a fan of most appletinis people order in bars...they are way too sweet containing lots of artificial apple flavorings and lots of sugar.  What I like however is when bartenders make their own drink creations using fruit purees...so I thought I could create a honeycrisp appletini this way featuring the popular Minnesota  grown fruit!  I had a bag of small honeycrisps, about the size of large golf ball, and I thought one would be the perfect size to puree for a martini!  I added some Asian 5 spice because it is so wonderful with apples, some local Prairie Organic Vodka, because it is my favorite, and some Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur to spice it up a bit.  It was a wonderful refreshing drink...the essence of Honeycrisp apple!  All you Honeycrisp apple lovers out there, you must try this! It is 100x better than any normal appletini...

5 Spice Honeycrisp Appletini
Serves 1
Spiced sugar:
2 Tbsp maple sugar
3/4 tsp asian 5 spice powder
1 Tbsp agave nectar or honey
4-6 large ice cubes
1 tsp asian 5 spice powder
2 oz Prairie Organic Vodka
1 1/2 oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur
3 Tbsp fresh honeycrisp apple puree
2 thin slices honeycrisp apple

To make cardamom sugar, combine sugar cinnamon and nutmeg and blend well. Spread out on a small plate. Coat the rim of the martini glass with the agave syrup by dipping it into it on a plate, then dip the agave coated rim into the sugar and set aside. In a martini shaker add the ice, cinnamon, nutmeg, vodka, ginger liquer, and apple puree, and place top on shaker.  Shake until well blended. Pour through a strainer into a chilled martini glass, adding the apple slice to your glass to garnish, and serve!


Claudia said...

In general - the appletini recipes I have seen have never tempted. This spiced-up honeycrisp one intrigues. Lots of flavor and none of it cloyingly sweet.

Carolyn said...

Hello, lover! I love honey crisp apples and I love a good cocktail. This would be right up my alley!

Stella said...

Gosh, Amy! I wish I could just fly over to your place on my broom stick (smile). I would probably drink way too many of these though...!

Carolyn @ texaseats said...

Not going to lie, this looks pretty darn good!

The Food Apprecianado said...

As they say "You had me at HONEYCRISP"! I first experienced the delights of these amazing fruits when a friend from Georgia suggested we try the. OMG. The perfect apple. Great use in a drink!

Appletini drink said...

This is logical: putting apple pieces in the appletini. Other people are using cherries and things like that.