Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Lady Martini

It is Valentine's Day, but I am not drinking red wine, the usual drink of the holiday, but my latest favorite cocktail. It all started with the Rio Star pink grapefruits coming into season about a month and a half ago and me wanting to make a martini out of them using something other than vodka.  Bourbon and whisky have always been around at my house in the winter for hot toddies, and since they pair well with lemon, I thought grapefruit would be even better!  So I laced some grapefruit juice with some Crown Royal and I was hooked.  The slight tartness of the grapefruit as well as the sweetness are wonderful with the smooth whisky.  Although it was wonderful just like that, I decided to add some of my bourbon soaked cherries and their liquid one day as well as a splash of a little fresh orange juice I had left over from another recipe.  That combination was perfection, and it has since become my favorite winter drink.  I hadn't yet named it though.  That is until today... I decided on the "Single Lady" because this drink would be wonderful for any single lady to sip on Valentine's Day as I am while I work on dinner.  That said, ANY lady would enjoy this drink single or not...and guys, I have a feeling you wouldn't pass it up either!  It is seriously refreshing as well as comforting, and perfect for winter!  Set aside some time for yourself and mix one up, kick back and relax!

Single Lady Martini
Makes 1

4-6 large ice cubes
3 oz Crown Royal
1 oz cherry soaking liquid*
4 oz Fresh Rio Star Grapefruit juice
2 Tbsp fresh orange juice
4-5 bourbon soaked cherries*

orange or grapefruit slice or zest for garnish

In a martini shaker add the ice, Crown Royal, cherry liquid, grapefruit juice, orange juice, and place top on shaker. Shake until well blended. Place about 4-5 bourbon soaked cherries onto a skewer, and place in a chilled large martini glass. Pour drink through a strainer into glass, and serve with a citrus garnish!
Bourbon Soaked Cherries:
In a glass jar, cover 1 cup dried bing cherries with enough bourbon to cover.  Place lid on jar, and let sit at least overnight before using.  Store in the fridge. 


Sandra said...

(I am not into drinks) but in a support of you and your blog will say it is stunning and photos are beautiful! I wish you Happy V-Day!

All That's Left Are The Crumbs said...

I love the sound of this drink. Only problem is now I have Beyonce's single ladies song playing in my head.

Kate @ said...

mmmm I love love love every drop of liquid that is in there! Cheers!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Ooh, I love this idea!! I, too, am typically a wine drinker, but I can totally see loving this! I'll have to try it soon. :)